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El Dr Włodzimierz Bodnar, presenta su nueva web donde expone su experiencia en el tratamiento de pacientes COVID-19 con amantadina

Dear readers.

My name is Włodzimierz Bodnar. I am a paediatrician and also a specialist in lung diseases, who has been treating patients continuously for over 30 years. I am writing as a practitioner, but also a person from the risk group (age and profession) that is himself a post-covid patient. With your help, I would like to implement/publish a treatment on how to overcome a severe case of disease caused by SARS-CoV-2. This is my appeal to the people of science and medicine of the world.

Let me explain first why I decided to publish this article. In the period between March and October 2020, I have documented over 100 COVID-19 cured cases – most of them quite acute – and more than a dozen more come every day. Some of these patients had comorbidities that increase the risk of serious health hazard and death.

Currently, I am convalescing myself after surviving a severe COVID-19 attack (confirmed by RT-PCR test). I am 59 years old and belong to a high-risk group for cardiac reasons. By using the method described below, my symptoms began to retreat 48 hours after starting treatment.

Now, I feel well enough, wholly cured and able to write this message myself, as well as treat patients continuously over the phone and in my clinic, in person. Each of my patients going through an acute phase of the infection keeps in touch and informs me about their health daily for the period of 3-4 days. 

In the last couple of months, most of my attempts at communicating this successful and innovative method of treatment failed. The institutions I have contacted included:

  • March 2020 Polish Ministry of Health – no answer
  • March 2020 Professor Katherine Kędzierski, chairman of Australian scientists (The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity) – no answer
  • April 2020 Professor Krzysztof Simon, Department of Infectious Diseases Wrocław – no answer
  • In the meantime, multiple repeated attempts to reach the government and its representatives were unsuccessful
  • In July 2020, I published a description of my cases of treating patients which was sent to doctors all over Poland (Porozumienie Zielonogórskie) – unfortunately without much response
  • Also in July 2020, I received the only ever answer – a positive response came from Szczecin from Professor Cezary Pakulski, Department of Intensive Care Anaesthesiology and Emergency Medicine, who fully supported my observations. It restored my faith and strength to continue healing and writing about it
  • October 2020, Before getting sick, I published an article about how to treat COVID-19 in the local press – no significant response, even before my disease and recent treatment adjustments
  • I have been sending this message everywhere possible for the past ten days, without any answer received from neither the government nor the media

I strongly believe that with this method of treatment, at least 90% of severe, currently hospitalized, cases in Poland (or even worldwide) can be stabilized within 48 hours followed by a recovery period of several more days. 

Thanks to its wide availability and the usage of a well-tested drug, it will stop the disease before it does significant damage. It would also considerably change the way we are fighting the pandemic right now. Having an effective, safe drug changes everything.

The hypothesis

If we assume that we are looking for an antiviral drug that works directly against the virus, then, in this case, amantadine is entirely useless. If we believe that amantadine or some other medication will significantly alter the conditions of viral growth, an investigation is further needed. Viruses must have a well-defined host in which they ‘multiply’. I want to emphasize that a virus can only grow under the right conditions.

There has been research on how amantide works in general, and also how it can potentially work in case of SARS-CoV-2 infection (1). Still, for a practitioner, the most important thing is having a drug that changes the conditions of a virus’s development in a human cell and makes it unable to spread. This way, we can save health and life if the patient is still alive. 

After reaching the appropriate concentration of the drug – we act on the virus, deactivating it at every stage of the disease. In other words, in each case, we work on the cause of the disease, i.e. the virus, by eliminating it from the body (deactivation), be it the initial period of headaches or the late stage of pneumonia. It does not matter whether the patient is 30 or 100 years old, has comorbidities or not. The principle of the approach is the same, and it is to deactivate the virus. 

Deduction process and recommended scheme

To be more specific, my experiences and further research have focused only on Amantadine hydrochloride (Amantadini hydrochloridum), which – for reading purposes – I keep naming “amantadine”, which may or may not be an essential aspect of the treatment. Further research is required. 

Focusing on practice now: my observations from the 30-year period of treating viral diseases were helpful and, unfortunately, the last 60 days of the dynamically growing number of COVID-19 cases in Poland ‘helped me’ even more to gather data. 

I have come across a lot of very acute cases started by SARS-CoV-2. COVID-19 infections are much more severe than influenza that is easier to treat. Why? Because the dynamics of the latter disease is much slower. For example, if we look at the patient’s weight loss, COVID-19 patients lose about one kilogram of weight a day (most often lying in bed, doing nothing and drinking even more fluids than usual). From the perspective of a practitioning doctor, this proves that the disease is very dynamic. 

Initial treatment attempts, as in the case of influenza, may be insufficient because the symptoms of COVID-19 last much longer, i.e. 4 to 9 days. 

Singular studies about the potential positive influence of amantadine on COVID-19 have been conducted, but without any spectacular results (2). The reason here may be an insufficient dose of the drug fortherapeutic purposes. I started treatment with a different dose of amantadine. In this way, in most cases, there was a dramatic improvement after one day. Stabilization took place after two days, without major disease symptoms except for the sometimes slightly tiring cough. Thus, I came to premature conclusions that complete virus inactivation takes place in 72 hours, which does not have to be true. I emphasize that this is only my assumption, science will speak for itself in the future.

However, knowing the dynamics of the virus, it is safer to maintain prophylactic treatment until the body is sufficiently immune if there was a relapse of the disease. In a small percentage, amantadine can cause early arrhythmogenic symptoms. In the event of the occurrence of side effects, discontinue treatment completely no matter the stage of treatment. That is why constant everyday contact with a doctor is a key during this treatment.

When the disease is enormously progressing

When the patient’s medical history shows that the progress of the disease is very dynamic and acute (symptoms begin to increase hour by hour), we may suspect that in extreme cases the patient may be at risk of dying within a few hours. Seeing the effects of the therapy, I decided to race against time and introduce one more change to the treatment to shorten the time to reach the saturated therapeutic level as much as possible. 

In this model, I already have a lot of feedback where patients literally ‘get on their feet’ in a short time.

Why rapid treatment is important and additional recommendations

With quick treatment, we can avoid disability or irreversible changes in the body, complications or long-term treatment of other diseases e.g. pneumonia.

In addition to taking amantadine, the recommendation is a symptomatic treatment for e.g. fever. As in any disease, it is up to the doctor to decide on the antibiotic, if the virus has damaged internal organs, or during the regeneration and treatment of the consequences of COVID-19. Time is of the essence because the virus causes great damage to the body. Please keep in mind that the recovery process can depend on how late treatment with this regimen is started.

Here, I would also like to comment that postmortem publications describing clotting syndromes in patients may not be valid. These changes can be caused by a very severe cough, where the blood vessels in the chest burst. The patient’s breathing reflex is turned off, and they experience difficulty speaking (speech is effort), pain is stronger than breathing reflex.

The summary

The main drug (active substance) AMANTADINE, I am considering, is not included in the COVID-19 treatment regimens for now, although it is a drug known for about 30-40 years and used to treat other diseases. It is well-tested, known worldwide. With the use of it, we are already talking about causal treatment – that is, complete inactivation of the virus. It no longer works on the body, which is why the effect is so much improved. 

Once a virus has been deactivated, it will never attempt to replicate again. It takes at least 24 hours for the drug to enter the body in sufficient quantity and to change the environment for the virus. 

I expect that this drug will be immediately implemented in COVID-19 treatment scheme and may revolutionize the fight with pandemic worldwide, saving the health and life of millions.

Why am I doing this?

Seeing the effects both on the patients, who physically visit my clinic in a dozen or so a day, and telephone cases from all over Poland asking for help in saving lives, I cannot be indifferent to the situation. Only in the Podkarpackie Province, the number of positive results of SARS-CoV-2 tests ranges from 30% to even 93% (3), which may indicate a much broader scale of infections than we assume.

Knowing about the adequate daily dosage (48-72hours) and feedback on the effects, I decided in the favour of this publication to clearly show that I was able to stabilize over 90% of severe cases within 48 hours. Later, it is ‘just’ the treatment necessary after the damage already made by the virus. 

I do not plan to shy away from responsibility. This article is signed with my name, mentioning my specialization, and making me available for contact from both doctors and the media.

I live in suspense with the full awareness that people are dying. From my perspective, I have the feeling that the vast majority of them can potentially be cured, but there is nothing more I can do. Attempts at a scientific approach or media contact have not been successful for months. Therefore, I decided to act differently and present my conclusions in the form of an appeal of a practitioner to the general public with a request to spread this information as a bottom-up initiative.

After a few days, we have more and more publicity, also among doctors, but there is still dead silence in the main media channels. I know it has to change sometime soon. I want to thank all the people for their active participation in my appeal.

Włodzimierz Bodnar, Specialist in lung diseases, Paediatrician at NZOZ Optima in Przemyśl, Poland

The author declares no conflict of interest.

Note: Treatment should be carried out only on the recommendation of a doctor (the drug is on prescription), and the treatment itself is combined with symptomatic treatment and diet restrictions. CANNOT BE USED BY A PATIENT WITHOUT CONSTANT CONTACT WITH A DOCTOR!


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Additional note: If you intend to publish this article on other sites, please always include the link to the original to ensure continuity for future updates.

In Polish + comments section (also treated patients stories): https://przychodnia-przemysl.pl/mozna-wyleczyc-covid-19-w-48-godzin/

Image: CDC/ Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAM – https://phil.cdc.gov/Details.aspx?pid=23312

Włodzimierz Bodnar
Specialist in lung diseases, Paediatrician at NZOZ Optima in Przemyśl, Poland

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